Thursday, November 8, 2018

My favourite #irishdiyers

Hey guys,

Wait until you see these great Irish are going to want to follow them and then you are going to want to make all of the things!!!

Did you know on Instagram you can follow hashtags too so if you search a hashtag for example #irishdiyers you can follow the tag and see all the fun posts in your regular feed.

Just hit that follow button and you will be all set!

Katrina is my most recent gem of a find on Instagram and I just love her style and most of all her personality and if you ever get to see a #katrant they are just the best.... if you already follow along you will know what i mean. Kats style is retro and recently she started doing up her daughters room and its so 80s its amazing- just look at it...

Follow her @vintageirishkat

A proud home Joanne is a fun and colourful lady and just makes me want to add splashes of colour and pom poms to everything! I was actually already following Joannes crafty page on Instagram called tinythings1 but like Kat I discovered her interiors page from a house and home article and am so glad I did.
Follow her @aproudhome and @tinythings1

Dainty is my ole pal whos inspiring youtube and instagram will make you want to craft and upcycle and sew... her style is very girlie and shabby chic and just oh so pretty.

Follow her @daintydressdiaries

The two darlings Eimear is brilliant at sharing her DIYs and lots of her makes are the perfect solutions for everyday needs like this cute earring holder. She is currently making a baby gym for her baby and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Follow her @thetwodarlings

Joanne Condon is a super talented furniture upcycle-r  and crafter-you can buy her lovely book furniture crush HERE and it would be a great christmas gift for any crafter... I actually ordered my copy this week!

Follow her @joannecondon

Who are your favourite DIYers,

Aideen xo

Monday, November 5, 2018

Dreamy dollhouses

Hello all,

Hope you all had a nice mid-term break..I don't know about you but I always think I will get so much done when the kids have time off school and then I get nothing done!!

If you are following me over on my Instagram page you will have been seeing lots of dollhouse posts and stories as doll houses are getting a fun modern makeover and I am loving it-I have the stories saved to a hi-light on my page @aideenfallon.

Photo from minibosss_and_missfashion on Instagram

One of the first people to contact me about making miniatures of my wall hangings was the lovely Charlotte from miniboss_and_missfashion she is a must follow if you love kids fashion and miniatures. I always ask Charlotte when can I move in to Yaras dollhouse because I mean look at it-house of dreams right there. I also want to say a quick thank you to Charlotte she is a great supporter of small businesses and is always encouraging me to make more miniatures.

Photo from minibosss_and_missfashion on Instagram

Charlotte herself is also talented at making minis and recently revealed Yaras bakery which she has lovingly worked on and it is just the sweetest piece of work. You need to pop over to her Instagram to see more pics of the bakery and all the goodies inside.

Photo from little_lucciola on Instagram

Bethan from Little_lucciola makes the most fantastic suitcase rooms which she was custom make as a miniature version of your own home. This little room that I have shared here would be any little girls dream and her attention to detail is everything-she also recently feature in Mollie Makes and shared some great tips on miniature making.

Photo from my Instagram @aideenfallon

And here are the miniatures I made for Charlotte-I enjoyed them so much that I now have an addiction to minis!! I am working on a very fun small business mini decor collaboration so watch this space... cute things are coming...

Aideen xo

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Return of the Mac-rame

My last post about Macrame was the Wool and the Gang wall hanging which was such a fun make using t-shirt yarn for the piece, you can check that out HERE

So since then I have made a few other t shirt yarn macrame pieces and also cotton rope ones-I found the best site for lovely macrame supplies which is owned by the talented Robyn Gough HERE

My top was gifted to me from and is currently on sale HERE

This piece is made using Robyns raw ecru single ply cord HERE, and it is such a nice natural string-I really like single ply cord as it unravels easier if you are looking to brush out your tassels.

Mustard single ply HERE

One of my favourite pieces that I have made is this dreamy mustard macrame piece which I hung from copper pipe-I also really enjoyed trying out the berry knot which is the round knot you can see repeated in the centre of the hanging.

Cute storage from Primark, Bulb glass from An StandĂșn, Macrame UK mustard rope.

Make sure to check out Robyns website and also her YouTube channel if you would like to see how macrame is created or if you are looking to learn something new,

Aideen xo 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

#goalgetters Teresa from DeBrosse NYC

Teresa from DeBrosse is one amazing lady.... she is a maker of pretty things but also a huge helper to other makers and sellers.

I am a big fan of Teresas clean branding and styling.

In her shop HERE she sells her handmade pieces and also loads of maker tools like templates and seller tools that could be daunting for people to design but Teresa has templates all ready to go. Most recently she has designed a full maker course for others showing how she took her online business above and beyond the dream! 
Her Haiti updates are the sweetest (photo from

AND if that wasn’t enough she donates a percentage of all her sales to Haiti where she also visits and spreads the joy of crafting.The most special news recently is that Teresa and her hubby have adopted a baby from Haiti which is amazing and I can’t wait to hear more.. 

The Tabasse just an example of her work available HERE

I have bought some of Teresa’s patterns and also maker tools and have been very happy with my purchases so if you are a maker and looking for some inspiration pop over and look at her work-AND special mention for her Instagram @debrosse_nyc because i could look at it all day....

Just an all round inspiration and someone I love following,

Aideen xo

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The humble but beautiful garter stitch

Hey guys,

I just wanted to pop on and have a chat about knitting and in particular the first basic stitch that you learn called the knit or garter stitch. This stitch is so simple but can be used for lots of pieces from a scarf to even the main body of a garment.

Photo from my Pinterest Knitwear mood board

I am going to make a chunky extra long garter stitch scarf and have been looking on Pinterest for inspiration-in fact I have a whole board called 'Knitwear mood board' so if you want to see more you can pop over to that HERE.

Photo from my Pinterest knitwear mood board

Both of these scarves are knit using the garter stitch and you can see how great they look so I am excited to make one-also I am working on my cardigan at the moment and have the back and two front sections done! 

The main section of the back of the cardigan is garter stitch!

I think putting the cardigan together and the sleeves are going to be the hard part so we will see... I will update again when I get further along and I also post little updates and photos on my Instagram stories @aideenfallon.

Thanks for visiting, 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Wool for my cardi

Hey guys,

So as you know I’m in the midst of knitting my first ever garment a gorgeous chunky cardigan... the must have thing for this sweater weather and already all over the high street.

Photo from my Pinterest board HERE

I’m a jeans and tee kinda gal so a chunky knit works perfect with my wardrobe. I had to decide on a yarn for my cardigan and again I don’t know much about yarn as I am pretty new to knitting.

Anyways the pattern called for a chunky yarn so I went onto loveknitting HERE (#AF 15% off first order). and you can filter their yarns by weight but also they do yarn bundles which are perfect for a bigger project like this.

I posted on Instagram asking some of my lovely followers if they used or knew anything about paintbox yarns and I heard some great things and went for it. Their wool mix super chunky is 50% wool and 50% acrylic, looks and feels gorgeous in real life and hopefully washes/wears well.

My goodness though they have a big selection of colours which is amazing!! But I wanted so many... in the end I went with this pistachio green as I don’t have any knitwear in that kind of colour AND I love it! 

Fab tee from

I’m currently working my way through the pattern and have the back and one front piece done, are you working on any fun projects? Would you like to learn how to knit? I am thinking of bringing out a beginners knitting pattern!

More updates soon,


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My craftroom make over part ideas

Hey guys so my craftroom makeover is still ongoing... storage being one of the things that is hard to work out when you have quite the stash of crafting supplies!!

One thing that I have found so handy are these heavy weight paper bags-these mini gold ones are perfect for smaller items or I like to use them as a catch all for random bits and bobs on my desk and they look so good. They also come in other colours-gold, black, white and grey are just the colours I like to use and they match my shop aesthetic.

Here is an affiliate link to the bags they are from Aliexpress and are fantastic quality:

These larger bags then are probably my favourite as they are lovely to look at but also hold so much-I use them for my chunky wool-the little Wool And The Gang one is from their kit packaging which is great as you can reuse them and I use that for all my wool and crochet accessories. These bags are pretty heavy duty so perfect for storage even for things like teddies and toys or plants-I just love them.

Here is an affiliate link to these bags-I just ordered the one with the black heart on it last night-
they take a few weeks to come but are worth the wait:
Photo from my Instagram @aideenfallon

Back in part one of this craftroom makeover series I had just bought this Kallax unit from Ikea and here it is with all my goodies in there-the boxes are called Drona from Ikea which are made to perfectly fit the unit and will fit 12x12 scrapbook products. So the bottom 3 shelves are the boxes of crafty supplies and the top shelves are my cute things displays.

Thanks for visiting,