Monday, July 8, 2019

Rico PomPon yarn review and tips

Hey guys I have another mini review today and its on Rico PomPon yarn AVAILABLE HERE (Pssst if you enter AIDEEN FALLON at checkout-referred by a friend? section you will get 15% off your order and so will I).

The little pompons are like squishy marshmallows

I chose Rico pompon in silver and its a beautiful unisex colour perfect for making a baby blanket as a gift. The tricky part for me was the casting on/off but with lots of research online and trying out different methods I found what worked best for me which I share in my video below.

From my Instagram @aideenfallon

Once you get going with knitting in the yarn it is very easy to do and the pom poms just fall into place. I made a blanket and it is the cutest, cosy, snuggly blanket ever!!

Here is the video of what I found that worked best for me:

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