Saturday, March 5, 2011

MY first award :)

Ok, so firstly, you need to thank the person who gave you the award & add a link back to their blog:

Thanks so much to Deirdre for giving me my first blog award :)

Secondly, you need to share 7 things about yourself:

  1. At the moment I am a stay at home mom with 2 kiddies!! Oisín is my son and he's 5 and Caoimhe is my daughter and she's 10 months old-I can't believe she's nearly 1, time really does fly by...
  2. I have an honours degree in Microbiology and I worked as a pharmacy technician before I had my second baby!
  3. I got married in August 2008 to Peter, we were in school together when we were younger :) Our wedding day was such a great day & I just love looking back over all the photos-I really love photos & I take LOADS, I think that's why scrapbooking is so interesting to me.
  4. My scrapbooking started last OCtober when I was just looking up scrapbooks on YouTube & came across Stephanie Millers channel-steffogal1 & I was just so inspired by her work that I started making minis & I'm totally ADDICTED now!!!
  5. I love scrapbooking products-Tim Holtz, prima, graphic 45, basic grey, papermania, jenni bowlin...... I love just even looking at them :) but there's nothing like using them up and ending up with a gorgeous project :) and boy do I love giving people gifts & seeing their reactions as they open them up!
  6. We live in the countryside with our 2 dogs, 2 nemo fishes and my tortoise Shelly!
  7. I LOVE hello kitty things and chihuahuas-one day when I don't have any small kids going around I WILL get a chihuahua or 2.....
And thirdly, you need to pass this award onto 7 other stylish bloggers:

The 6 lovely ladies and 1 gentleman I would like to pass this AWESOME award onto are:
Aghna, my sister
Donal, my brother
Marie, my sister in law to be

And of course some scrappy pals :)

Lastly, leave a comment on your nominees blogs, to let your 7 people know you have sent them the award so they too can pass it along!

Thanks so much again,
Aideen X

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