Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wool and the gang off the wall-macrame

As you guys know I love trying out new craft techniques and I am always on the look out for fun things to try out and Macrame is one of those crafts. It is quite like weaving in that you can create beautiful wall hangings but unlike weaving you are knotting the yarn or string you are using.

My finished so pretty

So as I do with any craft I started out watching videos on YouTube which is a brilliant resource for crafters and I know for me personally I hope my videos inspire people in the way that I am by others on there. For Macrame videos I really recommend The Crafty Ginger and her channel is HERE so for sure head over to her channel and follow along!!

This is the book I have that you need in your life
if you want to try out macrame BUY HERE (#AF)

When it came to making my own macrame wall hanging I decided to go for Wool And the Gangs off the wall macrame kit-which comes with all you need to make your hanging including written instructions which is handy for newbies like me.

You get to pick what colour of their Jersey be good yarn which is a t shirt yarn that you want to use so I went for peach sorbet which is a pretty pastel colour. If you want to get the kit just click on this pic below (affiliate):

Now...I did not really follow the instructions in the kit and went for my own style and I have to say I was really happy with how it came out... and actually I have the finished piece for sale in my Etsy shop Fluff Beag HERE (SOLD)

If you guys would like some more in-depth macrame posts or videos just leave a comment and let me know,

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  1. Thanks so much I post more pics on my Instagram too it's @aideenfallon