Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My craftroom make over part ideas

Hey guys so my craftroom makeover is still ongoing... storage being one of the things that is hard to work out when you have quite the stash of crafting supplies!!

One thing that I have found so handy are these heavy weight paper bags-these mini gold ones are perfect for smaller items or I like to use them as a catch all for random bits and bobs on my desk and they look so good. They also come in other colours-gold, black, white and grey are just the colours I like to use and they match my shop aesthetic.

Here is an affiliate link to the bags they are from Aliexpress and are fantastic quality:

These larger bags then are probably my favourite as they are lovely to look at but also hold so much-I use them for my chunky wool-the little Wool And The Gang one is from their kit packaging which is great as you can reuse them and I use that for all my wool and crochet accessories. These bags are pretty heavy duty so perfect for storage even for things like teddies and toys or plants-I just love them.

Here is an affiliate link to these bags-I just ordered the one with the black heart on it last night-
they take a few weeks to come but are worth the wait:
Photo from my Instagram @aideenfallon

Back in part one of this craftroom makeover series I had just bought this Kallax unit from Ikea and here it is with all my goodies in there-the boxes are called Drona from Ikea which are made to perfectly fit the unit and will fit 12x12 scrapbook products. So the bottom 3 shelves are the boxes of crafty supplies and the top shelves are my cute things displays.

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