Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Chunky knitting for the win

So I have fallen in love with chunky knitting... including super chunky knitting using needles or your hands!

I learned how to knit when I was younger from my nanny and have worked on a handful of small projects since then-mostly scarves... so nothing too complicated but anyways I still know how to knit so that’s step one.

In this pic I am working on a tapered chunky knit scarf-I bought the pattern on Etsy from

But my goal for this year is to knit a chunky knit cardigan that I can wear-I love chunky knits in the autumn/winter so to make one for myself would be so cool.

Cardi from River Island

I have a pattern bought and am still learning about different types of yarn etc but hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll pick a yarn and make a start on my cardigan.

Do you knit? Do you love chunky knitting too? Send me any recommendations!!

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