Friday, July 13, 2018

Handknitting using pure wool roving

I am sure you guys have seen all the fab pics of chunky knit blankets on Instagram and Pinterest and if you have looked into them like I have they are expensive! The reason they cost quite a bit is because pure wool roving is expensive to buy so even for me as someone who can make a chunky knit blanket the roving cost still makes it expensive.

Photo from Pinterest-Like hello squishy cosy goodness

I love the look of the extreme knit blankets so I had to have a try at hand knitting and I did with this chunky knit cushion-the roving for this was about €32 so you can imagine for a throw blanket you would need a lot more roving.

I also did a quick time lapse video while I made this cushion:

Maybe one day I will get the chance to make a blanket too,

Aideen xo

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