Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Y A R N event at Standun

I spotted on Facebook that Standun in Spiddal were having an event instore called YARN and due to my obsession with all things wool and cosy I clicked thru to check it out.

The event itself was free you just had to RSVP thru eventbrite and I ordered two tickets on for me and one for my mom-also addicted to yarn...

Poster for the event

So off we went and we had such a fun evening-we were welcomed with drinks on arrival and invited to look around the store-there was 20% off all full priced items for anyone at the event. I have to say I have not been to Standun in a few years but I will for sure be back before Christmas-there are so many beautiful gift ideas for all ages-much more than what I remembered from my last visit. 

I have a soft spot of course for kids items and home decor and I really enjoyed the set up of the kids section with great price points for all kinds of gifts for all occasions.

This little fox cup caught my eye

Next up was the fashion show which included not just knitwear but also occasion wear again to suit lots of ages and featured in the show were pieces by Deirdre Duffy-Wild Cocoon which were STUNNING. Hand woven on a large floor loom using colourful lambswool they were just gorgeous..

The Aran room

Down in the Aran room there was lots of Aran knitwear to look at and also the 'Wall of Aran' which covered the wall showing Aran stitches-something I would love to learn more about-I would have loved to have seen a demo on this! 

Selfie with the Aran wall

There was an area for local businesses too where we got to see and taste- Micil poitin, Connaught pale ale beer cocktails, Connemara organic seaweed, Ri na Mara skincare and Sliabh Aughty honey. 

Overall, it was a lovely night out and definitely put Standun back on my radar for shopping!! We left with goodies which included a fabulous €20 voucher for Standun, Galway Now magazine, face cream, knitted keyring and a handy sewing kit.

I also bought an item using the 20% off for my new craft room so I will have a cute pic of that soon-keep and eye on my Instagram pieces_by_aideen

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wool and the gang off the wall-macrame

As you guys know I love trying out new craft techniques and I am always on the look out for fun things to try out and Macrame is one of those crafts. It is quite like weaving in that you can create beautiful wall hangings but unlike weaving you are knotting the yarn or string you are using.

My finished so pretty

So as I do with any craft I started out watching videos on YouTube which is a brilliant resource for crafters and I know for me personally I hope my videos inspire people in the way that I am by others on there. For Macrame videos I really recommend The Crafty Ginger and her channel is HERE so for sure head over to her channel and follow along!!

This is the book I have that you need in your life
if you want to try out macrame BUY HERE (#AF)

When it came to making my own macrame wall hanging I decided to go for Wool And the Gangs off the wall macrame kit-which comes with all you need to make your hanging including written instructions which is handy for newbies like me.

You get to pick what colour of their Jersey be good yarn which is a t shirt yarn that you want to use so I went for peach sorbet which is a pretty pastel colour. If you want to get the kit just click on this pic below (affiliate):

Now...I did not really follow the instructions in the kit and went for my own style and I have to say I was really happy with how it came out... and actually I have the finished piece for sale in my Etsy shop Fluff Beag HERE (SOLD)

If you guys would like some more in-depth macrame posts or videos just leave a comment and let me know,

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

My craft room makeover part 1

You guys I am currently re-decorating my crafty space! Well I have been working on it over the summer when I can.... usually I craft wherever in the house mostly the dining room or the sitting room in the evening when I am watching TV.

So basically I had craft supplies all stashed around different rooms. The first thing I needed to do was to gather up all my supplies and work out what I wanted to get storage wise. My new craft space is going to be a shared space with the kids toy room.

After a bit of research and lots of Pinterest browsing I decided the first main storage piece I wanted to get was the Ikea Kallax unit in the largest size as  my main storage unit.

I actually ordered the shelving unit using Flatpack Hero HERE on Facebook-Marcin made the whole process so simple and dropped the shelves right to my door. The boxes wouldn't have fitted in my car so I was delighted to be able to get them delivered.

I still have more items to get in Ikea but I am hoping to get up there myself and pick them up as they are boxes etc and will fit in my car!!

I will share pics and hopefully a youtube vide when I get the next pieces to show you guys what storage ideas I have,

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Monday, July 31, 2017

2000+ subscribers on YouTube!

Hey everyone, I just had to come on here with a quick thank you post as my YouTube channel reached over 2000 subscribers which is amazing!

I am so happy to make this milestone and if you would like to go over to my channel and subscribe just CLICK HERE

Aideen xo

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mac N Weave Macrame woven wall hanging

You guys this piece was so much fun to make-macrame is another craft that I am starting to see everywhere and I just had to give it a go and I have to say I really enjoy it!

I checked out some youtube videos to see how to do the knots and I also bought a macrame book which I highly recommend-it enabled me as a complete beginner to create my piece. If you click on this pic below it will bring you to the book (affiliate) a must-have if you want to try macrame:

You can buy it HERE (#AF)

I have a quick video showing how to make the hanging mostly concentrating on the weaving portion as I am more confident in that but I have lots of macrame ideas and videos which I will be sharing soon.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Weaving with recycled t shirt yarn-perfect for beginners!

Hey guys!

Ok so I bought some recycle t shirt yarn off my crafty friend-The crafty Mummy and had to try weaving with it. It is a really fun and quick way to work up a weave and because it is such a solid material it builds up quick so perfect for beginner weavers.

You can see I used black cotton as my warp thread too and I Iove the look-for added cuteness I glued on the line of flowers you can see in the pictures.

Overall the recycled yarn is easy to work with, gives a lovely effect, is perfect for beginners and it's recycling so that's awesome!!

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Weavings catch up!

Hey guys... long time no blog! As always I have been busy over on my YouTube channel and also my instagram page pieces_by_aideen if you want to pop over there.

Also.... we were super busy here as we had a trip to America!!! It was so amazing and feels like a dream now-we went over for my besties wedding so it was a jam packed hoiday but so many memories and lots of fun times.

I have three weavings to share today the first is this pastel weave I made for the #primalove day-it was nice to try something different by weaving in the heart shape first and also this was my first try at doing a shape like this:

This second weaving wall art was for the Prima Pinspiration challenge where you find an image on Pinterest to use as inspiration for your piece and mine was inspired by Street Spun so you can see how I made the roving woven canvas on my video!

And my last weave will give you unicorn vibes again this was for a make it Prima! challenge and I used tonnes of fluffy roving on this guy-I LOVE this one....

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Prima planner 'breathe' unboxing video and some new CHA 2017 goodies

Over on my youtube channel today I uploaded an unboxing video of the My Prima Planner 'breathe' version and also some of the new planner and traveler journal goodies that Prima is showing over at CHA creativations show at the moment.

The 'breathe' planner is GORGE and the Rose gold touches are everything....

Skip to 5:30 in the video if you just want to see the new goodies

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Prima DT-Sweet Peppermint projects decoration ideas

Sweet peppermint has to be one of my favourite christmas collections ever! I love the pink and mint mixed in with the traditional colours!

This stocking was so much fun to make and I made it on my fiber arts loom!! Just watch the video to see how:

Altered Prima packaging wooden house advent:

Felt christmas decorations:

Prima DT-pumpkin projects and lots of Christine Adolph foils!!

I love decor and especially seasonal decor that you can take out each year to enjoy-these pumpkin projects incorporate some fun foiling ideas also!

Foiled autumnal/thanksgiving pumpkin display:

Mr Pumpkin head-altered pumpkin

Decoupage floral pumpkin:

Aideen xx

Prima DT-Rossibelle projects

I really loved working on all of these Rossibelle pieces and just love sharing my project ideas and any hints and tips that might be helpful to you guys!

 Rossibelle Pocket page layout:

Rossibelle build a page layout:

Rossibelle light up frame decor:

Rossibelle DIY planner goodies:

Prima DT projects-adding embellishments to your weaving

Next up are these two fun projects where I show how to add some fun embellishments to your weavings

Adding metal pieces:

Adding pearls and beads:

Aideen xx

Prima DT projects-Fiber Arts coasters and how to remove your weave from the loom

You guys I haven't blogged in AGES-but I have been active on my instagram pieces_by_aideen and also my YouTube channel HERE so mostly I have been working on fun Prima DT projects which I will share on here now-I will group them together so lets go!!

First up is Fiber arts weaving projects:

Woven coasters:

My scraplift me weave and how to remove your weave from the Fiber Arts loom:

Aideen xx