Sunday, August 27, 2017

My craft room makeover part 1

You guys I am currently re-decorating my crafty space! Well I have been working on it over the summer when I can.... usually I craft wherever in the house mostly the dining room or the sitting room in the evening when I am watching TV.

So basically I had craft supplies all stashed around different rooms. The first thing I needed to do was to gather up all my supplies and work out what I wanted to get storage wise. My new craft space is going to be a shared space with the kids toy room.

After a bit of research and lots of Pinterest browsing I decided the first main storage piece I wanted to get was the Ikea Kallax unit in the largest size as  my main storage unit.

I actually ordered the shelving unit using Flatpack Hero HERE on Facebook-Marcin made the whole process so simple and dropped the shelves right to my door. The boxes wouldn't have fitted in my car so I was delighted to be able to get them delivered.

I still have more items to get in Ikea but I am hoping to get up there myself and pick them up as they are boxes etc and will fit in my car!!

I will share pics and hopefully a youtube vide when I get the next pieces to show you guys what storage ideas I have,

Thanks for visiting,