Monday, July 31, 2017

2000+ subscribers on YouTube!

Hey everyone, I just had to come on here with a quick thank you post as my YouTube channel reached over 2000 subscribers which is amazing!

I am so happy to make this milestone and if you would like to go over to my channel and subscribe just CLICK HERE

Aideen xo

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mac N Weave Macrame woven wall hanging

You guys this piece was so much fun to make-macrame is another craft that I am starting to see everywhere and I just had to give it a go and I have to say I really enjoy it!

I checked out some youtube videos to see how to do the knots and I also bought a macrame book which I highly recommend-it enabled me as a complete beginner to create my piece. If you click on this pic below it will bring you to the book (affiliate) a must-have if you want to try macrame:

You can buy it HERE (#AF)

I have a quick video showing how to make the hanging mostly concentrating on the weaving portion as I am more confident in that but I have lots of macrame ideas and videos which I will be sharing soon.

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Aideen xo

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Weaving with recycled t shirt yarn-perfect for beginners!

Hey guys!

Ok so I bought some recycle t shirt yarn off my crafty friend-The crafty Mummy and had to try weaving with it. It is a really fun and quick way to work up a weave and because it is such a solid material it builds up quick so perfect for beginner weavers.

You can see I used black cotton as my warp thread too and I Iove the look-for added cuteness I glued on the line of flowers you can see in the pictures.

Overall the recycled yarn is easy to work with, gives a lovely effect, is perfect for beginners and it's recycling so that's awesome!!

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Weavings catch up!

Hey guys... long time no blog! As always I have been busy over on my YouTube channel and also my instagram page pieces_by_aideen if you want to pop over there.

Also.... we were super busy here as we had a trip to America!!! It was so amazing and feels like a dream now-we went over for my besties wedding so it was a jam packed hoiday but so many memories and lots of fun times.

I have three weavings to share today the first is this pastel weave I made for the #primalove day-it was nice to try something different by weaving in the heart shape first and also this was my first try at doing a shape like this:

This second weaving wall art was for the Prima Pinspiration challenge where you find an image on Pinterest to use as inspiration for your piece and mine was inspired by Street Spun so you can see how I made the roving woven canvas on my video!

And my last weave will give you unicorn vibes again this was for a make it Prima! challenge and I used tonnes of fluffy roving on this guy-I LOVE this one....

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