Sunday, October 14, 2018

Return of the Mac-rame

My last post about Macrame was the Wool and the Gang wall hanging which was such a fun make using t-shirt yarn for the piece, you can check that out HERE

So since then I have made a few other t shirt yarn macrame pieces and also cotton rope ones-I found the best site for lovely macrame supplies which is owned by the talented Robyn Gough HERE

My top was gifted to me from and is currently on sale HERE

This piece is made using Robyns raw ecru single ply cord HERE, and it is such a nice natural string-I really like single ply cord as it unravels easier if you are looking to brush out your tassels.

Mustard single ply HERE

One of my favourite pieces that I have made is this dreamy mustard macrame piece which I hung from copper pipe-I also really enjoyed trying out the berry knot which is the round knot you can see repeated in the centre of the hanging.

Cute storage from Primark, Bulb glass from An StandĂșn, Macrame UK mustard rope.

Make sure to check out Robyns website and also her YouTube channel if you would like to see how macrame is created or if you are looking to learn something new,

Aideen xo