Thursday, February 17, 2011

And the winner is......

OK so my giveaway is now closed!!! Thanks so much to everyone for becoming followers on my blog & for leaving lovely comments-for those of you who also have blogs I returned the favour and am now a follower on your blogs too :)

So my giveaway was to celebrate & say thank you for having 50 followers-and now I have 67!!!! Thank you all so so so much, I am planning another giveaway at 75 followers-so watch this space.

I was originally going to pick the winner of this giveaway tomorrow but because I am in my mothers house today I said I would do it now-I scrolled down thru all the comments & my sister (who's eyes I covered) pointed at a comment and that is the winning comment for this giveaway-

And the winner is.........

Maggie said...
What a wonderful giveaway. Thank you! hugs, Maggie K
 So congratulations to Maggie & thanks to everyone for entering!!

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