Sunday, April 28, 2019

Wall hoop decoration

Hey guys,

Hoop decorations have been popping up everywhere and of course I had to give it a go myself. It was fun to make and really looks so good-these decorations would be great for any occasion.

So first thing to do is spray the hoop and the wood insert piece-I got mine from the wonderful Craft Shapes Ireland. The spray paint I used was Montana Gold in copperchrome which I also got from Craft Shapes Ireland and it was perfect for the plastic hoop and the wood piece.

Next I added the flowers, I bought two beautiful bunches from Aliexpress HERE (#AF) The stems were wired so I was able to loosely sort out how I wanted the flowers and then I secured them using string.

I used fishing wire to attach the insert to give it a floating look and thats it! Super easy and looks great-the perfect prop for photo backgrounds!

Thanks for visiting,
Aideen xo

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